Saturday, November 25, 2006

Uh-oh ....

from Jacqueline

Due to circumstances beyond my control (guest visiting from windswept Canadian island, wanted to get to post-Thanksgiving sales early), I did not post my already-in-my-head-but-not-on-the-page words yesterday. Instead, I'll tantalize you with the thought of images of luxury travel next week, along with an update on Sara, my breath of southerly wind.

In the meantime, I hope you had a really lovely Thanksgiving, that you have much to give thanks for this year, and in the year ahead. And pity my poor husband - the only Yank sitting down to dinner on Thursday with three Brits, all of whom who are immigrants to their chosen countries. How do you want your sweet potato, pilgrim?

Many blessing to one and all

PS: And guess who scored a really cute and very cheap new jacket at Macy's yesterday ....

Back next week, see you then.


  1. Glad tidings to you and yours. Can't wait to hear an update on Sara. Keeping my fingers crossed...

  2. from Jacqueline

    The update on Sara will be generally good - we are guardedly optimistic ...

    And glad tidings to you, Patty - Queen of Naked!

  3. Yay for all optimistic Sara news, happy gatherings of newly minted Brit pilgrims, and scoring of fabu new jacket of such chicness as to belie its bearing le price tag de blistering splendor...

  4. Queen? Moi? I knew there was a reason I loved gaudy, oversized hats in shades of green not found in nature.

    Cornelia, you make me laugh, which is, as we all know, good for the soul.

  5. from Jacqueline

    Thank you, Cornelia. Le price tag was incredibly cheapeau, if I may say so myself. Mon Dieu and Sacre Bleu!

    I'm off to see Sara-Diva now.

    And of course you're Queen, Patty - the way you run the sovereign land of Naked Authors and keep us all in check (go on, zip down to Macy's an purchase yourself a chapeau - look for the VENTE sign!!).

  6. Took your advice. Just got back from taking me mum on a shopping spree at the amll. I found no chapeau but she bought a pair of Uggs that are tres chic.

  7. Jeez! That's supposed to be at the MALL!

  8. Hi All:
    Glad you had a great Turkey Day and Sara is looking brighter and more beautiful - even if she didn't get to go to the mall. :-D
    We just got back from visiting creative friends at their lovely big house on Lake Sebago in Maine. Bob painted outside, I shared the cooking and helped out in Johnna's wood workshop. She makes stunningly beautiful wood works of art - mostly functional with an oriental flavour. Think secret drawers and such. Watched goofy movies and Bob, Jim and JOhnna all got pulled muscles in their backs due to trying out the new Wii virtual electronic sports game with bowling, baseball and golf. Moi was in the kitchen...
    I know, too much info. :-D
    Had to go back to Borders yesterday to get a copy of a John Le Carre novel 'cause I started reading Johnna's and didn't want to leave it behind it was so good.
    So, all you highly talented ladies... Be well.

  9. from Jacqueline

    Patty - I think I should go to the amll more often - it's the best way to buy Gugs, that well known brand of obots, if you know what I mean! 'Tis the silly season, methinks!

    And Marianne, your exploits in Maine make my turkey day seem positively lazy. The nearest I got to woodworking, was to throw another log on the fire!

  10. Patty, how many pre-sale orders, for your much anticipated new novel,did your mom wrangle from the unsuspecting mall shoppers? Hail to The Queen.


  11. Jon, she threatened to kick em in the shins with her new Uggs if they didn't order 50,000 copies each. Go Mom!