Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Bcon, Baby!

By Cornelia

Here is what I feel like most of the year:

Unless school is out, and I feel like this:

(except for having two daughters instead of four sons and a dog, and of course NOT being married to David Niven)

And here is what my house looks like:

Sometimes I make contact with the outside world on an actual telephone, rather than by email:

But those moments are pretty rare.

Annually for the last three years, however, I have taken off for a distant city to hang out with all these other groovy crime-bookish type persons at a wonderful thing called Bouchercon.

The prospect always makes me feel like this:

One of the coolest things about going to Bouchercon is that I get to stay in a hotel room, which contains towels and sheets and stuff that I did not have to personally launder.

Well, okay, the first year I stayed in the youth hostel in Toronto, so I got one sheet to make my bed with and had to bring my own towel, but it was painted really groovy colors (actual photo of actual hostel interior):

which pretty much made up for the towel thing.

Although if you ever stay in a youth hostel once you are forty-plus years old, I recommend earplugs and an eyeshade, even if you get the single room:

Because you are not allowed to tell your fellow guests to be quiet, since they are Other People's Children.

Last year, though, I got to room with my secret twin Andi Shechter in more grownup accomodations.

This year we will be doing the same.

The only problem is that we talk too much and don't sleep a whole lot. But here is one thing we don't have time for at Bcon:

And we will also have a gathering of three members of our band, the Sad Anoraks, because Louise Ure will be there too:

But we will miss our fourth member Shaz Wheeler:

Sandra Ruttan and I have threatened to get tattoos:

I already have one-and-a-half myself, but I think she will chicken out.

And I get to be on a panel:

(Only it will be with Ken Bruen, Alafaire Burke, Laura Lippman, and Zoe Sharp {in alphabetical order} at 10:30 a.m. on Sunday morning--and I bet we won't have to wear masks)

This is the first time I will be at Bouchercon as an actually published person:

Which still feels like I'm hallucinating, even though I am trying to finish editing my SECOND book:

SO if you're reading this and will be in Madison for Bcon, please come up and say hey, and we should hoist a few:

And party like cheesy ersatz bohemians:

Dudes, I am SO STOKED!!!


  1. I'm off in a few minutes for the airport. See you there!!!

  2. This is hysterical! Cornelia, I see a picture book in your future. Have a great time at Bouchercon-and sorry I will miss.

  3. Cornelia,
    You are wildly creative and insanely funny. I'll bet as a child you cut pictures out of magazines and pasted them into notebooks to tell stories.

    Have fun in the land of the Cheeseheads. And to both you and Patty: stay out of trouble. Ha.

  4. You guys are wonderful, and I'm so glad you liked the pictures!

    I don't get to embark for Planet Cheesehead until tomorrow--can't wait, but I'll miss getting to hang out with you both, James and Paul!

  5. I'm so sorry to miss it. Best of luck on your panel. You'll knock 'em dead.
    Please send a little report to MW if you can.

    One of these days, you'll have to show me how you paste all those wonderful photos into your BLOG.

  6. Sharon- There's a little button in blogger that lets you upload pictures into the post. It doesn't go and find groovy and totally appropriate pics on the web for you, though. You need Cornelia for that.

    Cornelia- Have fun!

    But not too much.

  7. Thanks you guys! I think I'm packed. Now all I have to do is set my alarm clock for 3 a.m.

    Yee ha!!!

  8. I am so jealous...wish I was there.

  9. I NEVER got to tell you that when I went to check out this blog post at the hotel - in their very exciting "business center" (ok, so it was 2 computers, two printers, a fax amchine. But it was open 24 hours a day and it was freakin' FREE!!!! this is so spiffy cuz I so wanted not to come home to 1738 spams and couldn't manage to bring a laptop.
    So HEmingway, there was some sort of freakin MONITOR on the computer that decided that your blog post was BAD for children or something and would not let me see a single %#$^*(^&! image. The text was there but it blocked everything. EVERYthing. It blocked ELOISE for chrisake. There was a "let us know if you think this is wrong" thingy so I did. Twice. W$^*^@&^*(! moronic guardians of truth, justince and the American way. This is as great as when AOL members who were dealing with/surviving a particular disease were blocked from discussing it because the word "breast" was banned. As a result, no one could mention "breast cancer".
    So I'm home now TWO days and finally caught up. And can confirm that a) Cornelia looks JUST like that with earplugs and eyeshades (but no cat) and we SO look like Babar in our real lives.

    But - ahem - I was the one with the (okay, so it was temporary) tattoo (Powerpuff Girls, don't you DARE sneer); it still had trouble removing it yesterday. I don't own baby oil or polish remover. Little did I realize how determined those things are!)

    AND our bandmate/ducky WON the freakin Shamus for best first! San Anoraks RULE!